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Value Added Services

Delivery on Saturday or after working hours
REDEXPRESS is one of the very few express delivery companies that is ready to provide their services at weekends or after working hours. The terms of service of REDEXPRESS on weekends and after 18:00 are discussed individually. For more information please contact us over the phone.

Increasing responsibility - the insurance
REDEXPRESS offers to insure your shipment with or without a confirmed insured amount using cash or non-cash form of payment.

Proof of Delivery (SMS or e-mail) – free
REDEXPRESS offers free notification of the fact of delivery of your shipment via sms or e-mail

Additional packing
REDEXPRESS is ready to offer various kinds of additional packing.

Registered personal delivery
When handling deliveries that are registered and personally signed for, our courier will present your parcel only to the recipients specified by you, and only on presentation of the passport.

Payment by the recipient or a third party (cash on delivery)
REDEXPRESS is ready to offer you the opportunity to pay by the recipient or a third party.

Loading and unloading operations
If you plan the organization of loading and unloading operations for transshipped cargoes, REDEXPRESS is happy to offer you such a solution.

The service the "Golden City"
Complete logistics solutions for any strategic goal of a client, regardless of the distance or complexity of delivery.